Vest to NCTA


Steve Vest, News Corp.'s VP of government relations, is following his former boss, Peggy Binzel, over to the National Cable Television Association starting July 1. Vest, 40, will be vice president of congressional affairs and report to Senior Vice President Pam Turner, not directly to Executive Vice President Binzel.

Vest's defection from News Corp. leaves that company's Washington office with only one in-house lobbyist, Maureen O'Connell, who handles the FCC. Oversight of News Corp.'s Washington office is being handled at News Corp.'s headquarters in Los Angeles by Robert Quicksilver, president of network distribution at FOX. Quicksilver was hired by former FOX Television President Larry Jacobson, who has since left FOX to become president of USA's Ticketmaster.

Quicksilver was previously general counsel at Sinclair Broadcasting. Sources say Quicksilver has little Washington experience and both Binzel and Vest decided to leave News Corp. once authority was transferred to him. Quicksilver was not available to comment. News Corp. declined to comment.