Verizon Staffs Up for FiOS


While traditional TV company NBC Universal announced Monday it would be cutting 700 jobs, neophyte TV company Verizon says it is looking to add almost half that number--320--to handle the current and projected demand for its FiOS Internet/TV service.

Verizon says it needs consumer- and business-support employees in six "Fiber Solution Centers": Dallas, Hampton, Va.; Oxnard, Calif.; Providence, R.I.; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Everett, Wash.

Verizon says it has set a goal of 175,000 FiOS TV customers by the end of the year--relative a drop in the TV viewership bucket--and a reach of 1.8 million households--it already reaches more than a million homes.

Looking further down the fiber pipe, Verizon is hoping to have 3 million to 4 million customers to its TV service by 2010, based on its estimates that it will have fiber to about 15 million homes by then.