Verizon Not Looking To Charge Google


Verizon spokesman Tom Tauke said Tuesday that his company "does not want to get into the business of charging fees to Google and Yahoo," at least not for public Internet access. "We have not plans to do that," he told reporters after a speech to the Pike & Fisher Broadband Policy Summit in Washington.

Tauke said that "if those companies are offering services on the Internet and they want consumers to be able to get to their sites, we don't expect we are going to be charging them for the services that consumers purchase."

Tauke was responding to comments from top cable executive Rocco Commisso of Mediacom the day before that he could see charging companies like for access to Web surfers through cable's high-speed data networks.

But Tauke did say that "if Google or Yahoo decides they want to offer a video package and they want a virtual private network to connect them to the customer in order to insure quality to the customer and they want privacy standards or security arrangements for copyright, then they would have to strike a deal with the network company in order to get that end-to-end connectivity."