Verizon Fios Tops Netflix ISP Speed Index for March

Streaming speeds start to reflect Netflix’s new encoding scheme
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Verizon Fios stayed on top of the heap in Netflix’s ISP Speed Index for March 2016 among major U.S. providers, delivering an average speed during primetime of 3.69 Mbps.

That kept Fios ahead of Bright House Networks (3.64 Mbps), Cox Communications (3.62 Mbps), Cablevision Systems (3.59 Mbps), Charter Communications (3.58 Mbps) and Comcast (3.54 Mbps).

With smaller ISPs included, Midco and Grande Communications both delivered averages of 3.73 Mbps, followed by WideOpenWest (3.72 Mbps), Verizon Fios, and EPB (3.67 Mbps).

The bottom five among all U.S. ISPs ranked by Netflix included two satellite-based platforms – ViaSat (1.18 Mbps) and Hughes (1.39 Mbps) – CenturyLink (1.53 Mbps), Rise Broadband (1.92 Mbps) and Claro Puerto Rico (1.93 Mbps).

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