Verizon Details Delays


Verizon told the FCC Wednesday that delays caused by local franchise negotiations continue to delay the roll-out of its FiOS video service.

In additional comments in the FCC's inquiry into franchise reform, the telco said that of 95 negotiations pending as of March 1, 2005, only 10 had been granted. Of 238 negotiations in progress as of six months ago, it said, only 15 franchises have been granted.

Ff the total 301 negotiations still underway, said Verizon,  22 are into their 15th month, 85 are over a year and the rest between six months and a year, said the company.

Verizon is seeking video franchise reform both in Congress and at the FCC, preferably a national franchising scheme. It has helped secure a state ranchise in Texas, and franchise reform bills are awaiting governor's signatures in Virgina and indiana.

The House and Senate Commerce Committees are both considering franchise reform as part of larger telecommunications reform legislation. Some House Commerce committee leaders, including the chairman and ranking minority members, are said to have reached agreement on some form of national franchise provision.