Verizon Cracks N.Y. State


A Long Island, N.Y., municipality has become the latest community to grant Verizon a franchise for its FiOS television service. The Village of Massapequa Park board voted Monday to award the telco the right to offer the fiber-delivered TV service to 5,800 households in the area.

The Massapequa Park deal is the first in New York State. The 10-year agreement contains an option for an additional five years and provisions for public and governmental access channels.

Verizon launched FiOS on Sept. 22 in Keller, Texas, offering 330 channels to a potential 8,800 households. Expanded basic costs $39.95 per month; basic service is $12.95 a month for local broadcast, public, education and government channels. Additional pay channels are available.

FiOS is designed to compete with cable and satellite TV services. Verizon is presently constructing fiber-to-the-premesis networks in more than half the states where it offers landline phone service, including 115 communities in New York.

The telco has struck content agreements with The Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal Cable, Starz Entertainment Group, Showtime Networks, Turner Broadcasting System, A&E Television Networks, Discovery Networks, Si TV and NFL Network.