Verizon Applies For 21 FiOS Franchises


Telco Verizon is wasting no time taking advantage of a new Texas law allowing it to bypass local franchising negotiations for its multichannel video service, FiOS.

Verizon Friday filed for a so-called state franchise covering 21 communities in Dallas-Fort Worth. The company says that it will reach 400,000 households in the North Texas area by the end of 2006.

Verizon just launched its first video system--in Keller, Tex.--last week. It also already has local agreements in Sachse, Westlake, and Wylie, all Texas, as well as new pickups in Fairfax, Va., and Massapequa, N.Y..

The Texas bill was signed earlier this month. At least two bills have been introduced in Congress to make it easier for telcos to launch video competition to cable, including one that would give cable its playing field.