Verizon Adds Virginia Franchise


Verizon Thursday was celebrating the unanimous vote by Spotsylvania County, Va., to grant it a franchise and offer its fiber-optic TV service, FiOS Tv, in the county.

Under the 15-year deal, Verizon says it will start offering service there in a matter of weeks. It is the 14th Virginia county to authorize the service. Verizon says it now has 180-plus franchises covering 3.5 million households.

“These recent agreements represent great progress for consumers who are eager for a true competitive choice in video service providers,” said Robert W. Woltz Jr., president of Verizon Virginia, in announcing the latest franchise win.

Verizon is hoping to have 3 million to 4 million customers to its TV service by 2010, based on its estimates that it will have fiber to about 15 million homes by then.