Valenti Says War "Unwinnable By Any Gauge"

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Former Motion Picture of America President Jack Valenti took aim Thursday at the Iraq war in a commentary for Politico the new Washington political publication launched by Allbritton.

"Conquerors on alien soil can never defeat insurgencies that spring from the people and live among like fish in the sea," he said.

Valenti  was an assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson--a president who had war troubles of his own--said that, given his service to a president in wartime, he was reluctant to criticize President Bush. He did anyway by saying that "in launching the war in Iraq, our commanders ignored the errors of other drawn-out conflicts, including Vietnam. The mistakes made then were repeated in Iraq. How sad."

Valenti said increasing troop strengths won't work, and that the war is "unwinnable by any gauge you use."