Valenti musters anti-terrorist media

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MPAA President Jack Valenti has gathered together a working group of some 40 entertainment executives to develop Hollywood's strategy for helping with the government's anti-terrorism effort.

The entertainment industry is focusing its efforts in Hollywood, with most committee members based there. Valenti assembled the group to coordinate logistics and pass on information as studios and TV networks develop ideas. The group held a conference call Nov. 16, and plans another Dec. 3.

Members of the committee include representatives of TV networks and film studios, nearly all of whom are based on Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the White House plans to brief studio lobbyists in Washington on Dec. 6 about the initial session held with studio chiefs in Hollywood on Nov. 11.

An MPAA spokesman reiterated that although the White House has been involved in talks, the government is staying out of efforts to create media campaigns.

"Content is off the table," Valenti said at a press conference after the Nov. 11 meeting.

Hollywood and the White House have discussed presenting public service announcements, movie trailers and original programming on seven broad themes, including volunteerism, support of American troops and their families, and emphasis that the war is against terrorism and not Islam.
- Paige Albiniak