USTelecom's McCormick: Net Neutrality Rules Have Had No Effect

Won't predict which way he thinks D.C. Circuit will come down on rules

USTelecom President Walter McCormick says that he has seen no impact from the FCC's network neutrality rules either on his members or on competition.

In an interview for C-SPAN's Communicators series, McCormick was asked whether he thought the D.C. Circuit would overturn the rules—USTelecom member Verizon sued over the rules.

He said he was not sure, but that in any event he thought the industry had for a decade been operating in "complete conformance" with the FCC's open Internet principles, including on not blocking or degrading.

"I have not seen them have any effect whatsoever on competition or on our members or on the way in which we do business," he said.

He said the reason Verizon brought the suit was that the way the rules were drawn up, they could limit services in the future that consumers may want.

He said that given the amount of competition today, "no company is going to change the terms of service for its consumers."