USA's Chatter App Helps Viewers Converse About TV Shows

Streams aggregated content from social media sites

of USA series now have a much easier way to take to the web and
converse about the latest developments in their favorite shows, reports Inside Facebook.

newest app, Chatter, streams aggregated content from social media sites
such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube that are specific to
certain shows. USA Digital first launched the HTML5 web version in
October for Burn Notice and Psych.

Chatter app features three streams: 1) a feed of "all" user and
official content, 2) a "curated" feed of content from official accounts
only (like writers, actors, etc.), and 3) a "live" feed that displays
questions from uStream for talent from the shows to answer. Posts from
users of the app are also shown on a ticker at the bottom of the screen.

In May, USA launched the iframe Facebook Tab Page version of the app for the show Tough Enough,
which saw a 10% increase in user wall posts to the show's page. USA was
imperative on getting the app to "live" on Facebook and pull from the
other social media sites, since Facebook is by far the most popular.