USA ratings don't go to the dogs


USA Network's ratings for the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show dropped
this year, but not too badly considering that last year, the pups weren't going up
against the Olympic Games.

Coverage of events leading up the crowning of Surrey Spice Girl -- a miniature
poodle with a sort of mullet haircut -- generated Nielsen Media Research household ratings
averaging 3.24 for Monday night's coverage, just a hair below last year's 3.28.

Tuesday's 3.4 rating exhibited more damage, down from a 3.9.

The annual show has been covered on USA for two decades, and it was one of the
reasons why the network lost World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. TV rights to TNN: The National Network.

WWF chairman Vince McMahon hated getting his Monday-night matches pre-empted
by the dog show every year.