U.S. nets import Chatterbox realities


If U.K.-based Zeal Television and format company Chatterbox are any indication,
the reality-show wave continues to gather force. According to Zeal, which has a
first-look deal for Chatterbox properties, it has sold five of Chatterbox's
reality formats to U.S. buyers The WB Television Network, Game Show Network, VH1, Bravo and reality vet
Stone Stanley Entertainment.

Zeal said The WB has bought the rights to Resistance, a show billed as
"a take on the evergreen concept of finding out how much money it takes to get
people to do the outrageous." In the show, people on the street are asked to do
outrageous things, with a monetary ante upped until their resistance (hence the
title) is broken. The show debuts this fall on BBC Choice in the United Kingdom.

Bravo has signed on for Demolition, in which teams race to deconstruct
items -- for instance, reducing a van into pieces small enough to "slam dunk"
through a basketball hoop. Evolution Film & Tape Inc. optioned Demolition
and Resistance and is developing the shows for the United States.

VH1 has picked up Bands Reunited, which does just what the name
implies for one last concert.

GSN has picked up game show, Risky Business, where couples
"bet on the answers to extraordinary and intriguing questions" that "have no
exact answers."

And fittingly last, Stone Stanley has bought Resurrection, a show
about graveyards and their "untold stories."