Urban Latino



Urban Latino
is a moderate-size, bimonthly magazine with 110,000 subscribers. But Litton thinks it can craft a nationally syndicated show based on the New York-based publication, with its articles about such "stars-of-the-moment" as Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin.

The weekly half-hour program will spotlight Latino-themed entertainment, sports, world news and technology stories, "mostly but not literally taken from the magazine," says Dave Morgan, Litton chief and executive producer of Urban Latino.

"We won't leave the interests of the general population out," he maintains, "but there has been a surge in the general population's interest in Latino culture, Ricky Martin or Daisy Fuentes included."

Morgan is aiming for an Entertainment Tonight-styled project, with some subjects explored in studio and others in the field.

The magazine Urban Latino, as a profit participant, will have input in the program, "which will complement our efforts in increasing our circulation," says Joe Bernard, director of sales and publicity for the magazine. "There's no better commercial than your own weekly show."

"We want to go beyond the Latin explosion," he adds. "It won't just be about Jennifer Lopez or Marc Anthony, but we also want to show the up-and- comers who are kicking and scratching to get to that level. It also won't just be about entertainment. We'll try to strike a balance. It really is about the American spirit."

Show: Urban Latino

Studio/Distributor: Litton

Clearance: N/A

Barter: 3.5/3.5

Debut: Fall 2001