UPN Races To Air Britney and Kevin’s Chaotic


How fast are producers scrambling to put together UPN’s upcoming reality series, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic? So fast, says one high-level producer, “that it’s going to be like a 747 at Kennedy with the wheels not down for landing.”

UPN is rushing the series to air to beat the end of May sweeps. Premiering Tuesday, May 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a one-hour episode, the six-part series is a repackaged collection of digital home videos shot by Britney Spears and her new husband, singer/backup dancer Kevin Federline, during their eight month courtship, engagement and December 2004 wedding. The episodes will repeat on MTV or VH-1 a week after their UPN run.

Although there is no host or narrator, executive producer Susan Zirinsky (48 Hours) is shooting new interviews with the couple, both separately and together, to give shape and offer commentary on the footage. Asked if the series brings self-promotion to a disturbing new level, an insider on the series said, “No, because it wasn’t shot with the intention of being a television show. I think the rawness of the footage makes it too real to be viewed as a promotional tool. It’s not slick. These two are young, funny, gentle, real and in love."

And very smart, too.