UPN Pairs Love and Hate


The strong buzz behind Everybody Hates Chris has led UPN to shuffle the Thursday time slots of the three comedies that will follow it. UPN is moving new sitcom Love, Inc. to the 8:30 slot, and will push Eve back to 9 and Cuts to 9:30.

The original schedule had Chris followed by Eve, Cuts and then the debut of Love, Inc.

Putting Love, Inc. on behind Chris was actually proposed internally back before the schedule was released, but the decision was made before the upfronts not to launch two new series back to back.

However, the well-received pilot and the buzz surrounding Chris led UPN to make the switch one week before the Sept. 22 debuts. The network hopes returners Eve and Cuts will bring their previous audiences to their new respective slots in the 9 p.m. hour, where they face no comedy competition from the other broadcast networks.