UPN Hip-Hops to Reality Beat


Continuing a successful partnership with big-name African-American stars -- Tyra Banks, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Eve -- UPN is teaming up with hip-hop diva Missy Elliot on a new reality (or dramality, as UPN likes to say) show.

The tentatively titled Missy Elliot Project starts up its search for new talent this Saturday in Los Angeles, and will continue to Chicago March 10; New York March 12; Atlanta March 15; Arlington, Va., March 17; and Dallas March 19.

Performers will prepare a three-minute routine showcasing their talents as singers, dancers, and rappers. Those selected will go on the road with Elliot on concert tour, living together and competing against each other to become hip-hop’s next big thing.

The Missy Elliot Project is produced by Big Brother’s Shapiro/Grodner Productions in association with Monami/Violator Productions.