UPN Gets Credit for CSI


We bet netlet UPN would be tickled to find that it was airing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the powerhouse drama on big brother CBS.

UPN doesn't broadcast CSI, of course, but don't tell Google's new video search engine, which aims to provide TV listing information--network, station, time and other information--for key word searches.

For the beta test of Google Video, available for online tire-kicking at http://video.google.com, the first eight hits for CSI referred to the show's network as UPN and the day as Sunday. That would be a neat trick, since UPN doesn't even program Sunday nights. CSI airs Thursday nights on CBS.

Interestingly, both spin-offs, CSI: Miami and NY, were correctly attributed to CBS by the search engine.

What's up?

A Google spokesman wasn't sure, but suggested it might be because all the shows being archived for the test were from Bay Area broadcasts. Sure enough, an online check of the Web site of the UPN station in San Francisco, Viacom-owned KBHK, shows that it airs CSI repeats Sunday nights (UPN and CBS are both owned by Viacom).

The first sign of CBS associated with CSI was nine entries down, but that was a passing reference to the show on Letterman.