Upgrade Brings ‘Infinite Archive’ To Fabrix’s Cloud DVR Platform

Vendor has been linked to Cablevision’s remote-storage DVR

Fabrix Systems said a new software release for its cloud DVR platform will enable service providers to store content for a very long time…like “forever.”

Fabrix said the Infinite Archive feature that comes with the new 3.3 version of its software platform for network-powered DVRs, allows customers “to record multiple channels simultaneously and store the recorded content forever.” The vendor said it can achieve such a lofty goal by equipping its system with the requisite backup capabilities to ensure “continuous operation” while making all channels and programs available to the system 24/7.

"We are offering service providers an infinite storage feature within their network DVR environments and addressing the concern that a cloud DVR service could be too costly to implement," Itai Tomer, Fabrix’s VP of products, said in a statement. "Fabrix's software-based, storage and compute platform already reduces server requirements to ensure a quicker ROI, and the features in this update continue to tip the scales in favor of developing an nDVR environment."

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