As promised, Fox rolled out a three-season year-round schedule Thursday: one starting in June, one starting in November and one starting in January.

June will see largely new shows on Fox’s schedule, although Bernie Mac, That 70s Show, Tru Calling and the Saturday and Sunday line-ups will remain on throughout the summer.
Oliver Beene and Quintuplets will get Sunday berths during the summer, and depart come November to make room for The Partner, an unscripted show about lawyers jockeying for position within their firm. Another unscripted show, The Complex: Malibu, will premiere in August.
Fox has picked up a second season of critical fave Arrested Development, airing on Sunday nights at 8:30 until January, when it moves to 9.
“Bringing back Arrested Development was not a tough decision,” said Gail Berman, Fox Entertainment President. “It’s creative integrity and ground-breaking nature are all things we look for on Fox. We would hope to see that show build like Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond.”
Starting in November, Fox has two new unscripted shows on tap: The Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best, Fox’s answer to The Apprentice, and boxing show, The Next Great Champ.
The Swan 2 also will return on Monday at 9.
New medical mystery drama House will take 24’s slot, airing Tuesday at 9, preceded by The Billionaire. 24 moves to Monday at 9 and will start in January with a two-hour premiere, air all-originals, and conclude with a two-hour finale during May sweeps.
The O.C. returns in November, taking up the tough Thursday 8 o’clock slot, followed by returning show Tru Calling. Wednesday will be all comedy for Fox in November, with That 70s Show,Quintuplets, Bernie Mac and Method & Red slated.
The Next Great Champ premieres in November on Friday at 8, followed by The Jury (assuming it is held over from summer).
The schedule shifts again in January with the return of American Idol and 24.

Monday will be all-new, with new drama Athens followed by 24. Athens, about a young college professor and the student he befriends in a small New England college town, is from Josh Schwartz, the creator of The O.C. The Idol performance show keeps its Tuesday 8 p.m. slot, followed by House.

 Wednesday remains almost all-comedy, with the Idol results show moving up to 9 from 8:30, it has been on at 9 a couple of times this season as well, with Related by Family at 8:30, after That 70s Show.

The O.C. and Tru Calling will remain on Thursday, a night Fox hopes to build. Friday will change again, with The Inside at 8 and Jonny Zero at 9.

The Inside is about FBI agents who infiltrate a Hollywood high school to get information about a drug ring. Jonny Zero, from ER’s John Wells, stars Franky G as an ex-con trying to redeem himself by solving crimes.
Sunday also will see some switches come January, opening with Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show. Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad will close Sundays. As expected, MacFarlane’s The Family Guy returns to Fox in summer 2005.