Univision Adds One Hour of News to Four TeleFutura Stations

KFTR Los Angeles, KTFK Sacramento, WAMI Miami, WFUT New York and Repeater WFTY New York to Carry Extra Hour

Univision is adding one hour of local morning news on four owned stations in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif. -- some of the largest Hispanic media markets in the country and also markets where the company owns two stations, one programmed with Univision and the other with co-owned TeleFutura programming.

The stations: Los Angeles: KMEX (Univision) and KFTR (TeleFutura); Sacramento: KUVS (Univision) and KTFK (TeleFutura); Miami: WLTV (Univision) and WAMI (TeleFutura); and New York: WXTV (Univision) and two TeleFutura stations, WFUT and repeater WFTY.

Currently, the local news in those markets runs from 5 a.m.-7 a.m. on the Univision stations, but the hour will be added on the TeleFutura stations so as not to displace popular Univision network morning show Despierta America! (Wake Up America).

The news -- essentially weather, traffic and news updates -- will employ the same talent and crew, with viewers simply told to switch stations if they want to stay with the newscast.