UEI remote controls to Comcast


On Monday, Universal Electronics Inc. agreed to provide wireless remote controls for Comcast Cable Communications Inc.'s digital set-top boxes.

Under the agreement, Comcast will purchase two of UEI's leading wireless
control products: "Navigator" and "Millennium 4." Additional terms of the
agreement were not disclosed.

Monday's announcement continues an existing relationship between the two
companies and extends UEI's reach in the rapidly growing digital-cable

UEI's new wireless control solutions feature upgradeability, to insure
compatibility with new devices as they are introduced to market, and permanent
memory retention, to retain user settings even when main battery power is

Both Navigator and Millennium 4 are intended to offer a high-quality user
experience along with a simple-to-deploy turnkey solution.

Millennium 4, a new addition to the lineup available to cable operators, also
offers additional video-on-demand functionality.