Two-For-One TV


Sharp in Japan took the wraps off of a new liquid-crystal display (LCD) that can actually let someone watching from the right see a different image than someone viewing it from the left.

Dubbed “two-way viewing angle” LCD, it could put an end to arguments over what to watch or even let one person use it as a PC screen while someone else uses the other half as a TV screen (or, it can provide a one-screen solution for the two-screen interactive experience that is popular with organizations like ABC Sports).

More importantly, while usually these demos are of something that won’t hit the streets for months, if not years, Sharp will begin mass producing it next month.

Pricing is expected to be about twice that of a single LCD screen.

One problem? If you watch it from directly in front, the two images overlap, so it might not be ideal for the average home.

But, says Sharp, it could be useful for use in a car, letting the driver view a map while the passenger can watch a movie, or at stores where it can promote two different products from one screen.