Two Cheers for B&C


Editor: I got a little backed up on my summer reading … and almost missed two really extraordinary, valuable and timely pieces in your essential publication which somehow managed to elude the attention of the other trades.

The first was Jim Quello's magnificent and statesman-like call for all the disparate elements of our tribe to come together once more under the NAB banner [Open Mike, July 14]. His plea instructs us all to set aside our parochial differences and concentrate instead on the very real threat to our profession from government intrusion and incursions against Free Speech and the First Amendment.

Commissioner Quello is a wise man indeed. And every pronouncement which proceeds from this great public servant benefits not only us but the American people as well.

The other piece I would commend you for was Gary Fisher's earthy and touching paean to radio itself [Airtime, July 21]. Everyone in the New York area knows Gary as a great salesman. He now stands revealed as a graceful advocate and devoted, sensitive student of the profession.

No summer doldrums for B&C. Don't you guys ever take a vacation? Come to think of it … we're glad you don't.

William O'Shaughnessy, president, Whitney Radio WVOX and WRTN, Westchester, N.Y.