Two Cents


"[Buddy] Hackett was funny the minute he screwed up his face to speak, becoming part cherub, part devil, as required."

Richard Severo, The New York Times

"[Buddy] Hackett's Costello comes across, as many comics do in private life, as a lonely and sad man, and I felt Mr. Hackett did a good job of portraying that—even though I never sensed gloom in his own makeup."

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, on Buddy Hackett and his role as Lou Costello in Bud and Lou.

"They will attract huge audiences because Americans want heroes, choose them arbitrarily with a big assist from the media, and Lynch now fits the bill, even if stories about her heroism turn out to be greatly inflated, if not mythical."

Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times, on the inevitable made-for-TV movies about the Army Private Jessica Lynch.

"[The critics' tour] will be 19 days of high hopes and hyperbole. Every new show is going to be a hit, half of 'em classics in the making. That's what we'll hear. That's even what we'd like to believe. But of course we know about best-laid schemes."

Noel Holston, New York Newsday, on the Television Critics Association press tour.

"There's no question I'm seriously considering [running for the Senate]. But I have to figure out, because I'm a realist ... whether I can break through the clutter of the show."

Jerry Springer to Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes.

" 'Adult' animation can be moving, thought-provoking, silly and uproarious. It should always be more entertaining than the New TNN's lineup."

Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times, on TNN's new adult animation block.

"My personal favorite reality viewing this summer is watching TV producers and the networks undermine themselves in their hurry to exploit the reality craze."

Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe, on reality TV.