Two Cents


"Like George Burns, Bob Hope has been a man whom applause did more to keep alive than pills or Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth."

Charles Champlin for the Los Angeles Times.

"The man whose children scarcely remember him being home—so acute was his need to perform—cannot be having an easy time today, even in good health. You will hear media people salute Bob Hope with his own musical phrase: 'Thanks for the memories!' they'll say. But I suspect that even now, Bob Hope would like to be making memories, not looking back on them."

Aaron Barnhart, The Kansas City Star

"What would you get if David Mamet and Ingmar Bergman were TV writers and collaborated on a cable series?

Let me answer that: A big, annoying, pretentious, self-indulgent script broken only by needless hysterical rantings.

Or in other words, just like Out of Order, Showtime's new and, thank God, limited-run, big, annoying, pretentious, self-indulgent series that is broken only by needless, hysterical rantings"

Linda Stasi, New York Post,
on Showtime's Out of Order

"But Six Feet Under
[above] is never just plot. It is black comedy, with [Lauren] Ambrose getting the best drolly ironic lines anywhere on TV, and it is an audacious psychodrama that includes themes of severe depression, sexual dysfunction, and guilt. The show certainly offers elements of soap opera, but if it is an R-rated Knots Landing, with all its melodramatic twists and turns, then it is an R-rated Knots Landing
by way of Ingmar Bergman."

Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe

"If you're looking for laughs, you'd be better off sitting in your driveway than tuning into any of today's new sitcoms. At least outside, there's a chance the neighborhood brat will get his skateboard caught in the gutter and go flying into the bushes. Rely on the small screen, and the odds are dangerously high you'll be subjected to the image of Jim Belushi shaking his bare belly."

Neal Justin, Minneapolis-St. Paul's Star Tribune