Two Cents


"There is no question that the network most Republicans in Washington turn to is Fox. There is also no question that Rupert Murdoch has brought important regulatory issues before the same Bush Administration that his reporters cover … In the media world, the government regulator is often the 800-pound gorilla, and on three continents Murdoch has more often than not tamed the gorilla."

Ken Auletta, quoted in a question-and-answer feature on Auletta wrote an extensive piece about Fox News Channel Chairman Roger Ailes in the May 26 edition of New Yorker.

"American Idol
is an unqualified hit, even if you can boil the essence of the judges' comments down to six words.

Randy: 'Yo, dawg.'

Paula: 'That's great!'

Simon: 'That sucked.'

Repeat for months."

Bill Goodykoontz, The Arizona Republic