Two Cents


"We're very proud of Hitler."

Les Moonves to reporters at the CBS upfront.

"Through [Robert] Carlyle's portrayal, we see just how easy it is for things like a country's constitution and freedom of speech to be tossed to the winds when people feel threatened from within and without. If it weren't for the commercials, you'd forget you were watching network television."

Linda Stasi, New York Post, on CBS's Hitler: The Rise of Evil.

"[Dawson's Creek] wasn't realistic, but it was absorbing in its own absurd way. My So-Called Life, an obvious inspiration that lasted only a season on ABC, was better-written and more down-to-earth, but that may have been its downfall—the teens who watched Dawson's Creek in droves (at first) could fantasize about being as bright or funny or gorgeous as these kids."

Alan Sepinwall, New Jersey's The Star-Ledger