Two Cents

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"I was a women's studies major."

Joe Millionaire runner-up Sarah Kozer's reason for eschewing full-frontal nudity in her upcoming appearance in Playboy.

"Worse yet, Mr. Zucker could keep The Ripples on the schedule and watch its ratings slip slowly for months before it dies, an NBC tradition now known as the Watching Ellie scenario."

David Blum, The New York Times

"We were poor. You know how to tell if a person's poor? You look in the fridge. If there's nothing in there but bologna, you're talkin' serious poor. ... We used to fry it up till a black circle formed at the edges, then roll it like a hot dog and eat it slow, make it last. You'd be chewing with your eyes closed, telling yourself, Never had nothin' taste so good!"

Bernie Mac in his new book, Maybe You Never Cry Again.