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Two Cents

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"If I had a feminine side, I'd never stop touching it."

-Eli Marienthal's 14-year-old character, Tucker Pierce, in NBC's new "family comedy" Tucker, as quoted by Gist.com's Diane Snyder.

"I gave eight years of my life to this community. I missed the Seinfeld
era because of Thursday- night meetings."

-Departing words of former councilwoman and convicted felon Cori McCain to Castle Rock, Colo., Mayor Al Parker, four days after being sentenced for defrauding a town bank of $269,000.

"Welcome to Temptation Island, Fox's answer to the Stanford Prison Experiment."

-Salon.com's Bill Wyman's comparison of the Fox show to Prof. Philip Zimbardo's controversial psychological experiment of the 1970s.

"The latest appalling, offensive, amoral, how-low-can-we-go TV stunt is called Temptation Island. Not surprisingly, it's on Fox."

-The Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert.

"If this is reality, where are all the ugly people?"

-The New York Times' Julie Salamon on "reality" television.

"This new show's regular time slot.affirms that UPN will flash just about anyone, however young, to attract a crowd."

-The Los Angeles Times' TV critic, Howard Rosenberg, on UPN's Gary and Mike.

"A spokesman for the late Mr. Chekhov said the playwright is considering legal action."

-The Chicago Tribune's Steve Johnson on the shortcomings of NBC's new sitcom, The Three Sisters.