Two Cents


"We have a ways to go."

-CBS Senior Vice President for Diversity Josie Thomas on diversity, in The Dallas Morning News.

"There have been gains for people of color. There was movement. But it has to be movement across the board, not for one group."

-Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, on the fact that most of the gains this fall have been made by black actors, writers and producers, in The Dallas Morning News.

"You might even say the most entertaining new series of the fall season has been a wildly unpredictable reality series we'll call 'Election 2000: The Aftermath, 'which has proven that even an irritating blowhard like Chris Matthews of Hardball can be weirdly compelling given the right set of historic circumstances."

-Mike Duffy, in The Detroit Free Press.

"With the election nightmare, cable finally found a subject worth all that open airtime. On this story, cable has been consistently ahead of the networks in depth and breadth. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are way too busy fattening the coffers of Disney, Viacom, General Electric and Rupert Murdoch, respectively-that is, running pandering entertainment instead of keeping us fully informed."

-The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Mike Drew.

"I don't understand this need for speed. I don't think this is a crisis of American democracy. If anything, it's a superb civics lesson."

-Walter Cronkite on the presidential election, in The New York Times.

"Television, of course, is being highly unhelpful, not so much on account of partisanship one way or the other but because of the medium's incurable tendency to dramatize everything."

-Molly Ivins on the coverage of the presidential election, in The Newark Star Ledger.

"In other words, it's like an A & E Biography of the Clintons."

-Entertainment Weekly's Ray Richmond on Fox's Ball and Chain, a one-hour drama in development about married superheroes who can't divorce because they'll lose their powers.

"His post-certification statement walked right up to that line, but this election opera ain't over till the fat lady sings, and the fat lady whose aria we await wears nine black robes."

-William Safire, in The New York Times, on Gov. Bush's careful wordplay on not being called president-elect while awaiting legal challenges being presented to the Supreme Court.

"The U.S. Supreme Court missed an opportunity to serve the people and posterity by refusing to allow televised coverage of Friday's historic arguments about whether Florida properly handled its presidential vote recount."

-The Dallas Morning News

"That candor is one of the virtues of Queer as Folk. Yes, the language is raw-many of the wittiest lines are unprintable here. And the images are even more so. Never has so much male nudity and homosexual sex been seen on the TV screen, or in mainstream movies for that matter.But it is refreshing to see a television show about gays that steers clear of sanitized agitprop.

-Barbara D. Phillips, The Wall Street Journal, on Showtime's new show.

"I'll be someone's love interest, I'll be singing, and I'm a lawyer, but that's all I know."

-Actor Taye Diggs on his guest role on Fox's Ally McBeal, in People magazine.

"My heart sank when I heard the news. He was brilliant in Ally. It's clearly something he has no control over."

-Dick Wolf on Robert Downey Jr.'s newest drug- related arrest, as reported by the AP.