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"The truth is no longer out there: Continuing the series is primarily a business decision to prop up problem-plagued Fox."

-Orlando Sentinel's Hal Boedekeron on The X-Files.

"And so it goes with 'The X-Files, 'the only show I know of that doesn't have to make a lick of sense to be entertaining. The first two episodes of the new season certainly carry on both elements of that tradition."

-Bill Goodykoontz in The Arizona Republic.

"They blamed people at the top, who are smart and visionary enough to get to the top and run successful media companies but too ignorant or fearful to allow a spectrum representing American life into the media. That means the issue isn't diversity-it's how they let such stupid people run these companies in the first place."

-African-American Julius Noflin, in the Miami Herald, commenting on media diversity.

"What we're hoping for is greater diversity, but I mean that with a small 'd.'We don't want this to look like something from central casting."

-Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Executive Producer Michael Davies, on changing the contestant-selection process, in the New York Times News Service.

"You may not like what we do. But nobody's calling this show a joke."

-CBS Early Show's Executive Producer Steve Friedman on the show's one-year anniversary, on

"Ultimately, television is all about selling ad space. History repeatedly illustrates that the quality of a series matters less most times than the viewers it pulls in."

-Martin Renzhofer, in the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Hardly anyone thinks 'outside the box' today. TV is the box."

-The San Francisco Examiner's John Carman on why television was better in 1957.

"What I've learned this year is that entertainment and elections are now in a sense androgynous, so thoroughly Cuisinarted into a puree by the master chefs of TV that one no longer stands out from the other."

-Los Angeles Times columnist Howard Rosenberg on the televised presidential debates and the networks that spun them.

According to Dan Rather, the election, overall, a. "floated like butterfly and stung like a bee" b. "had more shocks than a Texas Prison" c. "crackled like a hickory fire."

-A question on's Dan Rather Simile Quiz, making fun of the reporter's colloquialisms. The correct answer is C.