Two Cents


"The show remains poorly written, ill-conceived and basically unfit for human consumption. It's flailing about like a blindfolded tyke trying to break a piñata. Which, by the way, is lots funnier."

-Critic Ed Bark in the Dallas Morning News, about the premiere of The Michael Richards Show.

"The first pilot was.unshowable. The second pilot.rose to the level of unwatchable..Tonight's actual premiere, an episode titled 'Mr. Irresistible' is better still; it's merely intolerable."

-New York Daily News critic Eric Mink.

"The episode scheduled for tonight (barring a last-minute reprieve from the governor) is actively bad, even incompetent..The series seems to be going in reverse, getting worse instead of better, as if it were trapped in the backward episode of Seinfeld."

-Caryn James, in The New York Times.

"I think I've spotted a trend. It's part of the 'We-bet-you'll-watch-anything' school of TV programming.

-Michael Storey, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, on cheesy game shows.

"It's as if he threw everything into it that he hasn't been able to throw into his other two shows-Ally McBeal and The Practice."

-Houston Chronicle TV critic Ann Hodges, about creator David Kelley's new FOX drama, Boston Public.

"Boston Public is a compelling argument for home schooling. And a good reason to avoid FOX at 8 p.m. Mondays."

-Howard Rosenberg, in the Los Angeles Times.

"What America seems destined to get is a president who can: deliver a top-10 list, get misty-eyed with Oprah, sit alongside a Survivor contestant and Regis, and know enough not to mention Pat Boone in front of an audience of MTV kids."

-Chicago Tribune's Steve Johnson.

"He was really aiming for Keith Olbermann's mother." writer Jim Caple, with a mock explanation for what Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens was thinking when he flung a broken baseball bat toward Mets catcher Mike Piazza during the World Series. (Fox Sports anchor Olberman's mother, a spectator at a game, was hit with an errant baseball by the Yankees erratic second baseman, Chuck Knoblauch, earlier this season.)

"The notion that only young people can write for young people is specious."

-Tracy Keenan Wynn, 55, one of 28 plaintiffs who filed a class-action suit last week claiming that Hollywood studios and networks discriminate against older scriptwriters. From the Associated Press.