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"I wish I could have one or two more nights on the air to rail against the dumbing of America by these two candidates, but I don't..So read the papers and listen to talk radio and talk amongst yourselves and by all means VOTE! Cause you ain't gonna get any help from Craig Stillborne!"

-Tom Snyder ranting about the presidential election, on his Web site

"The longer I'm doing this I'm coming to learn that entertainment, politics and the media are really just juggling the same balls. We're all going for ratings, so we function by the same rules. What's a political poll other than a focus group for a television show?"

-The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on the presidential election, in the UK's Media Guardian.

"If it seems too good to be true, there's a catch. You let TiVo into your life, and let me tell you, my brother, you will watch TV. You will watch and watch until those microwave burritos actually start tasting good.

-Writer Rob Sheffield, in Rolling Stone.

"This is the real Survivor. It doesn't necessarily go to the wisest, nicest and best-prepared guy. It goes to the guy who makes it through with the fewest penalty points."

-Ted Koppel on the presidential race, in the Boston Globe.

"I've returned the dress and shoes already, so I wouldn't be tempted to wear them on weekends."

-Today Show co-anchor Matt Lauer on dressing as Jennifer Lopez for Halloween, in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"The press crucified me so much over the years with nepotism. I feel I can't do another one of his shows."

-Tori Spelling on turning down a spot on her father's new series Titans, in USA Today.