Two Cents


“If someone calls me in another 10 years and someone tells me they’re going to raid whatever house he lives in then, I am there.”

Court TV reporter Diane Dimond, who covered allegations of child molestation against Michael Jackson in 1993 and Jackson’s 2005 trial, in The New York Times

“What is The Situation supposed to be? It’s not a news show, since it doesn’t spend any real time on any topic, and it’s not a debate show, for the same reason. It’s also not particularly entertaining.”’s Brian Montopoli, on the debut of former Crossfire host Tucker Carlson’s new MSNBC show

“A journalist is someone who gets shot at in a war zone so he can report back material that can’t be broadcast because it might be too disturbing.”

Actor and public-radio show host Harry Shearer, answering the question “What is a journalist?” on the Huffington Post blog

“Like most documentary efforts, 30 Days is an advocacy piece rather than an effort to be impartial. But the unmistakably liberal tilt is far outweighed by a greater goal: To open our minds just a bit to the world beyond our living room walls.”

The Seattle Times’Kay McFadden on Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s new FX reality series, in which participants live under drastically different circumstances for a month

“Exactly who Inside the Mafia is supposed to rivet is unclear. Like Nazis, great white sharks and James Bond, organized crime is one of cable TV’s evergreens.”

Newsday’s Noel Holston on a National Geographic Channel documentary

“Nobody wore costumes to this confab, unless you count the woman with the red blob of fake flesh attached to her shoulder. 'It’s a piece of Arzt,’ she explained, referring to the character who inadvertently blew himself up in the season finale.”

The Los Angeles TimesRoy Rivenburg, on the two-day fan convention inspired by the ABC series Lost