Two Cents


“By their nature, lists are designed to infuriate, spark heated discussion and, let's face it, give magazines and other media outlets an easy way to fill space.”

Boston Globe pop-culture critic Renée Graham, roasting Time magazine's “100 Most Influential People” issue. (For this year's B&C Top 25 Stations list, see page 36.)

“After more than 30 challenging and rewarding years with NBC News, I've decided that it's time to trade in the beeper and the BlackBerry and move on to something different.”

NBC News VP Bill Wheatley, announcing his departure from the network

“As the show's tag line trumpets, Omnium Finis Imminet—the end of all things is near. In fact, Revelations may be not only a freely fictionalized interpretation of the impending apocalypse, but one of its symptoms.”'s Dana Stevens, identifying the NBC series Revelations, the upcoming CBS special Locusts and Fox's American Idol as signs of the apocalypse

“[The mainstream media are] always demanding special treatment with shield laws and reporter's privileges and other exemptions from the normal obligations and inconveniences of citizenship. And they have the nerve after all that to say that they're acting in the interest of the American people. Why, it's almost enough to make an ordinary person think that a few of them deserve to be locked up. It just might teach them a little humility.”

Chicago Tribune Public Editor Don Wycliff, in an April 14 column

“One reason not to watch it is that it has little new to offer.”

Longtime New YorkDaily News TV critic Kay Gardella, panning USA Network's movie Cool Money in her final column, published March 19. Gardella, who worked for the Daily News for nearly 60 years, died last week at age 82.