Two Cents


"Stay clear of the press. No interviews, no panels, no speeches, no comments. Stay out of the spotlight, it fades your suit. Only promote the brands."

Rule No. 1, from Univision Chairman A. Jerrold Perenchio's "Rules of the Road," according to The New York Times

"News Corp.'s Fox News was incorrectly described in a page-one article Monday as being sympathetic to the Bush cause."

From an Oct. 26 correction in The Wall Street Journal. (The original statement: "[President Bush] gave a rare interview over the weekend to Fox News, a network sympathetic to the Bush cause and popular with Republicans.")

"I'm always interested in the crowd [at political rallies]. And that's because as long as I've been interested in politics, as long as I've known about politics, I don't think there's ever been anyone that could get me out on a Saturday morning in an airport hangar to hold a sign and cheer for him."

CNN political reporter Candy Crowley, interviewed in TheWashington Post