Two Cents


"Loughlin is the kind of mom you expect on The WB: mid 30s that could pass for mid 20s, gorgeous and upper-middle-income. The measure of her sacrifice to raise the kids is that she may have to give up fashion design."

Kay McFadden, Seattle Times, on actress Lori Loughlin in The WB new series Summerland

"But why the sudden reluctance to send armies of journalists to stage-managed extravaganzas devoid of any hint of spontaneity? News organizations do it all the time."

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, noting that TV news executives were balking at sending top talent to the Democratic convention if John Kerry opted not to accept the nomination at the confab (Kerry later abandoned that idea)

"We literally have not seen very much of TV in a long time. So, I mean, we never really ever heard much about it, you know, just through hearsay of what people have said about it. We really, luckily, were never really affected by it."

Diana DeGarmo, American Idol
runner-up, on allegations of voting fraud on the show, interviewed on CNN's Larry King Live

"TV and Las Vegas are a match made in heaven. The two of them were made to go down the aisle of a little chapel with Elvis singing and walk into the desert distance."

Robert Thompson, of Syracuse University's Center for the Study of Popular Television, quoted in the Los Angeles Times
on the rise of shows like Las Vegas," dr. vegas, TV poker tournaments, and the planned launch of an all-gambling cable channel in December

"I have not heard them. I do not listen to anybody who does radio. I don't even listen to myself."

Radio host Rush Limbaugh on liberal radio network Air America, interviewed in Time

"He has a show, and he has guests on it, like I do, and it's really a lot of fun."

Talk-show host Dr. Phil McGraw, interviewed on CNN's Larry King Live
about his Sesame Street
Muppet counterpart, Dr. Feel

"There's more and more product categories out there advertising, whether they're pharmaceuticals, which can now advertise on TV, or whether it's DVDs or cellphones or the Internet. And they're products that didn't exist five or 10 years ago that want to brand themselves."

Brad Adgate of Horizon Media, interviewed on National Public Radio