Two Cents


"Sometimes people that are … that are powerful are not so trustworthy."

A potential juror in the Martha Stewart trial, as reported by The Boston Globe. The man was disqualified.

"She kept running around with those tank tops on. Of course, that's what they do now. I think all the detectives wear tank tops."

Novelist Elmore Leonard, to the Chicago Sun-Times' Phil Rosenthal, on the ABC series Karen Sisco, based on one of his characters.

"I don't know any guys who are both good-looking enough or in the peak physical condition that one must achieve to model Calvin Klein underwear. But unless the television adds 50 pounds of weight and 10 pounds of ugly, all of the average-looking guys I know are better looking than all of the guys who were chosen to be this season's 'stars.'"

Eric Edwards, The Orlando Sentinel, on NBC's Average Joe: Hawaii.

"When the judges laugh at you—they are laughing at
you, not with you."

Dan Aquilante, New York Post, No. 9 on his list of how to survive the American Idol

"I think there's so much media and sensory overload that you have to get a combination of things to sell a record … 50 Cent was so huge because his music was multiple formats on the radio. Hilary Duff has a movie, a video and a TV show. American Idol
gets huge TV ratings every week. Other artists can't compete with that very easily."

Warner Bros. Executive Vice President Diarmuid Quinn, as quoted in The New York Times, on TV's supplanting radio as the new vehicle of choice for pop singers launching careers.

"The Softest and Strongest Charmin for Your End Zone."

The tagline for the Super Bowl's first-ever toilet-paper ad (for Procter & Gamble's Charmin), as reported in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"There's two sports holidays in the United States, and one of them is opening day of Major League Baseball"

Tim Brosnan, executive vice president for business at Major League Baseball, on the MLB's ad during the Super Bowl, as quoted in The New York Times.