Two Cents


"This is a big victory for the truth. The liberal censors will be in shock."

Talk radio host Michael Savage to the New York Post. Savage, who was recently fired from MSNBC for foul remarks he made to a caller, has landed a talk deal with WOR(AM) New York.

"A coalition of the willing—i.e., the Bratwurst Asphalt Company and the Ypsilanti Hot Dog and Bean Shop—has been pushed forward and is prepared to label its products 'fair and balanced,' knowing that Fox News will sue and that its newscasters will be so tied up with subpoenas they will only be able to broadcast from the courtroom, where they will be seen tearing their hair and whining, looking anything but fair and balanced, which would certainly be jolly good sport all around."

Actor Paul Newman in an Op-Ed piece for The New York Times. Newman was making light of the Fox News Channel-Al Franken battle.

"What is it about a tropical island inhabited by lapdancers that appeals to you?"

From a questionnaire for bogus reality show Lapdance Island. Applicants were told that they would compete for prizes by completing tasks while strippers tried to distract them. The show was a setup by British network Channel 4's The Pilot Show, which secretly filmed the applicants.