TWC Settles On New Name For Local News Nets

Time Warner Cable News tacked ahead of name in rebranding

Time Warner Cable decided to handle the previously announced renaming of its New York-based news channel by essentially tacking Time Warner Cable News at the start of the name and saying the NY1 and NY1 Noticias brands would continue to be used on air.

The cable company decided several months ago to stamp Time Warner Cable onto all of its news channels so that it would be clearly understood they were exclusive to the cable company. The move was unpopular in New York City, where customers like the NY1 brand, and early reactions to the rebranding Wednesday were not complimentary.

The company also rolled out updated graphics packages for all 16 of its local news networks across the country, using the Time Warner Cable News brand. In New York, it said, "the two networks will continue to be referred to audibly as NY1 and NY1 Noticias."

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