TV's Share of Ad Pie Rises Slightly


TV's share of total ad spending on media was up slightly in 2006 to 43.7% of the pie vs. 43.2% in 2005, although the biggest gainer was the Internet, up seven-tenths of a percent to 6.5% of the total ad pie.

That is according to a report from marketing information company TNS Media Intelligence, which said that total ad spending was up 4.1% to $149.6 billion.

TV was still the clear leader at more than double the number-two category, magazines, at 19.9%, down a hair from 20% in 2005. Newspaper and radio advertising were both down.

TV's total ad spending was $65.373 billion, up $3.27 billion, or 5.3%, over 2005.

Drilling down into the TV category, Spanish-language TV showed the biggest percentage gain in the category, up 13.9% from 2005 to $4.279 million. Next in percentage gains was spot TV, up 10.4% to $17.23 billion. The biggest share of the TV advertising remained network TV at $22.88 billion, up only 2.5% over 2005. Next came cable ad spending at $16.75 billion, up 3.4%. Syndication ad revenue was relatively flat at $4.24 billion.

Internet display advertising was up $17.3 to $9.76 billion, which was more than either local or national spot radio advertising.

With telcos ramping up new services and pushing for ultimately failed national video franchise reform legislation, telecom spending was up strongly in 2006, with AT&T up 30.8% to $2.2 billion and Verizon up 10.4% to $1.94 billion.

Telecommunications was the top single ad category in 2006 at $9.43 billion.