TV’s Next Generation: Cody Gifford to Debut


You heard all about him from his mom, Kathie Lee Gifford, when she reigned on Regis
and Kathy Lee
. Now you can see him for yourself.

Cody Gifford was scheduled to make his debut in syndication this past Saturday
(Sept. 27) as a member of Eyewitness Kids News, a joint project of the Weekly
and Al Primo.

Naturally, 13-year-old Cody handles the sports. (When Primo was
running news at WABC-TV New York in the late 1960s, he turned Cody's father,
Frank Gifford, from a football idol into a TV-sports personality.)

The girl third from the right might also look familiar. She is Haley Cohen,
14, daughter of Cable News Network anchor Paula Zahn. "I know that these two are going to get a
lot of attention," coordinating producer and Weekly Reader Editor
Mia Toschi said, "but the other kids are deserving, too."

The show is cleared in more
than 171 markets.