TV's Could Be Interfering With TV Reception

NAB, CEA advising to keep keep indoor antennas away from TV sets

According to broadcasters and the government, one of the things that could be interfering with reception from indoor TV antennas is putting them near television sets.

The National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Electronics Association may be on opposite sides of the spectrum reclamation issue, but they are together on helping get those over-the-air signals to consumers. That includes the advice to keep indoor antennas away from TV sets if they want them to work better.

Working the the FCC, industry groups including those two have created an advisory and tip sheet on using indoor antennas for VHF DTV reception.

Among the lingering issues for stations and their viewers after the DTV transition has been VHF reception, particularly in urban areas, on channels 2-13.

Among the tips are to make sure the antenna gets both VHF and UHF, is to not position it near electronic devices including, ironically, the TV set "as these devices may interfere with indoor reception."

The effort will also include educational outreach to let people know that CEA has adopted performance standards for indoor antennas and that devices meeting those standards will carry a seal of approval.

The FCC is posting the information on its Web site.