TVB: Schieffer Cited For Excellence


CBS News veteran Bob Schieffer was awarded the Broadcast Excellence Award at today’s TVB conference in New York. Approaching his 50th year in broadcasting, the Face The Nation moderator reflected on his first job at KXOL Radio in high school, when he made a dollar an hour.

He offered insights on what he called the "communications revolution," and added that "nobody really knows where the business is heading, and what media will deliver the news." But the core of the profession remained unchanged: "It still depends on the individual integrity of the broadcaster, and the courage and professionalism of those we send out to find the news."

Schieffer also cited a free press’ role in democracy. "I think it’s the most important of our rights," he said. "Without it, we could not defend the others."

The newsman then sat for questioning with Deborah Norville, as the two had a lively chat about Don Imus and the presidential election.