TVB Launches ePort

Television Bureau of Advertising: 644 Stations in 186 Markets Committed to Paperless Ad-Transaction Platform

The Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) launched its ePort paperless ad-transaction platform.

The first orders were sent by Harmelin Media to Philadelphia stations and by Horizon Media to Continental Television Sales on behalf of WOWT Omaha, Neb.

TVB said 644 stations in 186 markets are committed to the ePort platform.

“We look forward to 2008’s rollout of the entire suite of open standard transactions,” TVB president Chris Rohrs said, “from avail through invoice for stations’ airtime, Web sites, digital subchannels and other multiplatform offerings.”

Rohrs added that the rollout should be completed by the end of the second quarter.

Horizon Media buyer Kerry Miller said the firm was “eager to broaden the electronic means by which we conduct business on a daily basis.”