TV Watch Fires Back at PTC

Broadcast network-backed group takes aim at PTC study.

Broadcast network-backed TV Watch has taken aim at the Parents Television Council study on prime time programming. 

“The Parents Television Council won't be satisfied with television content until they convince the government to enforce their personal, selective judgments," TV Watch executive director Jim Dyke said in response to a report released Tuesday under the title "Happily Never After."

“Over the years, the Parents Television Council has released numerous studies aimed at influencing lawmakers and regulators to believe that parents aren’t competent enough to make television-viewing decisions for their own families," Dyke said in a statement. 

TV Watch was formed by the networks as an online response to the push by the PTC and others for indecency regulation. TV Watch advocates parental control with an emphasis on the V-chip/ratings system.


PTC Looks at Nonmarital Sex on TV

Parents Television Council releases Happily Never After study, finds that “verbal references to nonmarital sex outnumbered references to sex in the context of marriage by nearly 3-1.”