TV Takes In Biggest Share of Ad Revenues

Spending on cable shows growth
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Television continues to get the biggest share of consumers'
media time and marketers advertising dollars.

Television ad spending in the U.S. rose 4.5% to $72 billion,
according to a new report from Nielsen.
That compares to $16 billion for magazines, $12 billion for newspapers, $7
billion for radio and $6 billion for the Internet.

Broadcast network TV generated $21.1 billion, spot TV
generated $23 billion, cable TV earned $21 billion, Spanish-language broadcast
reeled in $3.7 billion and Spanish-language cable drew $13.3 million.

Cable TV advertising revenues have increased 42% from 2007,
Nielsen said. Spanish-language cable rose 24% since 2010. Spanish-language TV
saw a 16% increase.

While the automotive category was the largest in ad spending
across all media at $10.2 billion in 2011, AT&T and Verizon were the top
brands among TV spenders during 2011. AT&T Wireless Web Access paid $1.1
billion for TV spots and Verizon Wireless Web Access paid $702.2 million.

The average TV commercial in 2011 was 28.4 seconds in
length. Thirty-second spots accounted for 47% of all commercials, down from 48%
in 2010, while 15-second ads represented 34% of the total, up from 33%. The
share of one-minute ads remained constant at 9%.