TV Staffs Are Light on Women, Minorities


The Writers Guild of America, West, (WGAw) says that women and minority writers remain underrepresented on television staffs, according to the preliminary findings from its forthcoming Hollywood Writers Report.

The full report, which will be released in September, looks at employment and salary trends for women and minority writers in the entertainment industry.  It will be written by Darnell M. Hunt, UCLA professor of sociology, and Ralph J. Bunche, director of the Center for African American Studies.

According to the WGAw, the data for hiring on show for next season “looks increasingly grim following the recent shuttering of urban-oriented networks UPN and WB to create the newly launched, fledgling CW network.”

Among the early findings were that, while women make up 51% of the nation’s population, they remain underrepresented on TV staffs by nearly 2 to 1.  The report also says that, while minorities make up more than 30% of the population, they remain underrepresented on writing staffs by nearly 3 to 1.